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Counselors, therapists and others in a range of professions encourage the friends and families of  problem drinkers to attend Al-Anon meetings, where clients and patients can find understanding and support that complements and reinforces professional treatment.

Attentive Therapist

Al-Anon World Service resources for professionals.

Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism is the annual public outreach magazine of Al-Anon Family Groups. Designed to be displayed in professional offices, the publication provides an overview of Al-Anon and its benefits. 

The Forum is Al-Anon's monthly magazine for members. Read excerpts from the current issue and consider an office subscription.

Attending meetings: Anyone concerned about someone else's drinking is welcome to attend any Al-Anon meeting, whether it is listed as Open or Closed. A Closed meeting is exclusively for people troubled by someone else's drinking. An Open meeting also welcomes guests, professionals and students.

Contact us for further information about Al-Anon in Rockland County, NY.

Support Group Meeting
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